Nicole Walker is 'The Child Visit Monitor', providing safe professional court ordered child visitation supervision for non-custodial parents. It is important for children to stay connected and bond with both parents, even if they are living separately.  It is my mission to provide a safe, neutral and comfortable environment for the child(ren) to spend stress-free time with their absent parent.  The goal for the child(ren) is to maintain a positive relationship with both parents.



Nicole holds a Bachelors of Arts and Masters Degree in Social Science, along with over 20 years of experience working as an Education Professional in school districts in the San Jose and Los Angeles areas. She has been with her current school district providing Transition Support Services to students for over 11 years.


Nicole’s Skills Include:

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Teaching

  • Counseling

  • Case managing

  • Guiding

  • Preparing


Nicole has:

  • Over 20 years of experience successfully navigating the at-risk youth population in teaching and learning environments.

  • Extensive experience and training supporting at-risk children and families through transitional challenges.

  • Over 20 years of extensive experience and training in family centered support programs.

  • Nicole volunteering her time to various organizations throughout the year.

Because of Nicole’s desire to help children, she is now a trained Professional Supervised Child Visitation Provider offering off-site supervised monitored visitations and "exchange-only" services under California Rules of Court, Standard 5.20. She complies with the California Rules of Court 5.20 and Family Code 3200.5, serving Los Angeles County.


Pursuant to Family Code Section 3200.5(d)(1), Nicole Walker has received 24 hours of training that includes training in the following subjects:

  • Role of a professional provider and a therapeutic provider.

  • Child abuse reporting laws.

  • Record keeping procedures.

  • Screening, monitoring and termination of visitation.

  • Developmental needs of children.

  • Legal responsibilities and obligations of a provider.

  • Cultural sensitivity.

  • Conflicts of interest.

  • Confidentiality.

  • Issues related to substance abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

  • Basic Knowledge of Family and Juvenile law.

Linda Walker is 'The Child Visit Monitor - Web Designer'.  Linda is the owner and principal Creative Web Designer for LCW Web Solutions, a boutique business that specializes in website design and implementation. She works closely with clients to increase their online visibility and grow their businesses.

Linda’s passion for technology started while working in the field of telecommunications in the corporate world.  After leaving corporate America, she became a consultant providing project-based management for online marketing services.  


Additionally, Linda served as a trained Supervised Child Visitation Monitor in the community for two years.  She has utilized her technical and design skills by currently designing websites for her fellow Monitors.

Personalized websites for Supervised Child Visitation Monitors is the primary focus and specialty of LCW Web Solutions! 


Linda’s goal is to create beautiful, customized websites for her clients in a timely manner, while keeping costs low.  Linda limits the number of customers she works with at one time, so she can provide the personal attention they deserve.


To partner with Linda for your website project, call 424-387-1981 or visit www.ChildVisitWebDesigner.com to learn more and to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Nicole's Servicing Areas

Santa Clara County

Silicon Valley

San Mateo County


Nicole Walker is a professional child visitation provider who has all the skills and knowledge necessary to facilitate safe visitation monitoring services.


Call today to discuss your specific needs.  Nicole wants to help you through the child visitation process and make sure that you have an enjoyable and safe visit with your children.